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CleanSpark, Renova Power Networks Partner to Facilitate Advanced Microgrid Deployment

Partnership will hasten commercial adoption of 100% renewable energy solutions
San Diego, CA (Jan. 5, 2016) – Renova Power Networks, a development company whose principals are known for innovative financing models and renewable energy systems, has partnered with San Diego-based CleanSpark, the leading advanced microgrid software and controls company, to facilitate global deployment of best-in-class microgrid technology, reduce carbon emissions cost effectively, and increase energy security and independence.

Renova has established a focused subsidiary, Renova Energy Management, to work arm-in-arm with CleanSpark on a wide array of renewable energy microgrid projects. The market is projected to grow 300% over the next five years, from $225 million in 2016 to $1 billion in 2020.  CleanSpark and Renova are partnering to facilitate and accelerate the clean energy transition to achieve climate security this century.   

“We see the market for renewable energy generation plus storage positioned for exponential growth, and an impactful new period of adoption, cost effectiveness, and reliability. CleanSpark’s technology integrates multiple energy generation assets with the broadest array of energy storage solutions,” observed Rick Tallman, CEO of Renova. “We are pleased to partner with CleanSpark to develop, finance, and implement cost-effective microgrid solutions.”

“Renova’s expertise in infrastructure finance and project development has enabled the integration of numerous innovative technologies into existing and evolving markets. We’re thrilled about this partnership which will help CleanSpark rapidly develop scalable advanced microgrid systems worldwide,” said Michael Firenze, CEO of CleanSpark.

CleanSpark and Renova are already working together on a number of microgrid projects in the U.S. (California and New York), the Caribbean, Central America, Canada, and South Africa.

About Renova Power Networks:  Renova Power Networks (RPN) transforms power infrastructure by applying distributed generation, energy storage, system control technologies and energy optimization measures to cut costs, improve reliability, and reduce carbon emissions.  With offices in San Diego, Toronto, Denver, and New York, RPN is developing a broad, strategic portfolio of managed energy clients and assets.   http://www.renovapowernetworks.com.

About CleanSpark:  San Diego-based CleanSpark offers the world’s most advanced energy software and control technology. By integrating new and existing energy generation and storage assets with advanced load management capabilities, CleanSpark’s platform allows locally-generated energy to be shared with other interconnected microgridsand enables microgrids to be infinitely scaled and widely adopted for commercial, industrial, military, municipal, and remote community deployment.   http://www.cleanspark.com.